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Nicollete dress 2 sizes, 48/72 hr shipping

Nicollete dress 2 sizes, 48/72 hr shipping

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- Flared dress skirt
- Neckline: V-neck with neckline
- Material: Hard satin cotton
- Dress length: Ankle length
- Decoration: Flower print
- Closure: Zipper
- Sleeveless

The Nicollete Dress is the perfect option to stand out at any party. With its flared skirt and elegant V-shaped neckline, this dress will make you look stunning and elegant. It is made of hard satin cotton, ensuring a comfortable and flattering fit. Its ankle length and beautiful flower print make it suitable for any special occasion. Featuring a zipper closure and sleeveless, this dress is a perfect combination of style and comfort. Available in 2 colors and 2 different sizes, the Nicollete Dress is an essential option for any special event. Dazzle in style with this stunning dress!

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